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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Online Gambling

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March 12, 2024

When AI technologies like ChatGPT blew up in late 2022, the general public realized that AI had officially arrived. Naturally, companies working closely with software development and AI had experienced its possibilities well before then, and it has already proven to be a valuable tool at CT Interactive. Artificial intelligence is starting to really flex its muscles in the world of online gambling, but is it all good?

Well, for now, the positive enhancements in online gambling, thanks to AI, still outpace any negatives, bringing us to the main focus of this article. We decided that with the current frenzy surrounding artificial intelligence, it was time to showcase some pros and cons with regard to the online gambling arena. At the same time, we want to explain these pros to create an understanding of what online gamblers can expect from top-tier providers like us moving forward. So, let’s highlight the pros before we move on to the possible threats. To date, we already know that AI can be used to build a list of recommended categories, bonuses, and individual games to try at an online casino based on player data. This personalized feeling also improves the user experience overall, as each site member feels valued and special in various ways.

It’s not just the personal touch that is helping to improve the online gambling scene, however. From the gaming development side of the table, AI technology has already proved to be vital in speeding up the overall game creation process. With progressive learning systems, AI can help to create themes, ideas, and mechanics for slot games in record time. We’ve even found that AI goes beyond the initial conception of games, as it can now create instant content on the fly thanks to something known as “procedural generation”, thus boosting an individual’s experience even more. This often leads to advanced animations, stimulating graphics, and a greater level of player engagement than previously seen. So clearly, artificial intelligence is helping us all to step up our game, and such technology is still in its early stages.

We can’t pretend that AI technology is absolutely flawless, nor is it an infinite source of good, and that’s true in any industry. Sadly, there are those who look to exploit AI technology to gain an edge over online gambling operators, which ruins the fun for players and causes concern for operators. Prime examples of this include the application of “bet bots” to place sports wagers when arbitrage opportunities arise. We’re also aware of AI technology being leveraged to exploit bonuses, loyalty schemes, and VIP systems, which typically violate the rules and regulations at online casino sites. Clearly, AI technology isn’t perfect, but we can probably all agree on just how exciting it is!