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The CT Interactive`s Jackpots are an excellent tool for players` retention. They can be used for all kinds of customer segments to offer an additional chance to win, making them very attractive for both the player and the casino. The Jackpot concepts provide the operators with an excellent marketing technique for a higher level of entertainment.

Hot Luck

CT Interactive`s new jackpot concept HOT LUCK enables operators to offer exciting personalized experience in sync with their retention strategies. The new jackpot mechanics gives the opportunity to create massive acquisition by bringing huge engagement for players.

HOT LUCK is 3-level interactive jackpot with bonus screen and additional winnings, coming with the HOT LUCK scale.

HOT LUCK is the ultimate tool for operators enabling their players to receive an enhanced experience, with the chance of randomly unlocking more prizes.

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CT Interactive Mystery Jackpot

CT Interactive`s Mystery Jackpot is an excellent tool for players retention. The operator can offer 3 different Jackpot levels and the settings allow independent configuration for each of the levels in terms of credit contribution and prize limits.

The CT Interactive`s Mystery Jackpot offers the players an additional chance to win which makes it very attractive for both the player and the casino, providing the operators with an excellent marketing technique in hand for a higher level of entertainment.

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